This is a 404. MAMBO.

John Luc Mambo.gif

So I don't know how you ended up here…

But let's just take a break, a dance break that is. You know sitting is bad for your health. Take a walk with me for a minute. You know, a walk to the dance floor. 

You like Mambo? I mean come on, you have to like Mambo. Salsa? We are New Yorkers, so it's almost rude (it is pretty rude) to not like Salsa, and be able to hold your own on the dance floor. 

So here you go. Your dance break. 

Need a playlist? 

You are still here? 

Okay, a playlist. 

Let's just start with a song, connected to an album. 

Then, if you don't mind - swing back by the homepage.